Exercise 1: Gathering your archive

Coursework, Creative Arts 1.1 Experience Creative Arts, Creative Arts BA (Hons), Project 8: Creating and Archive

Event – the making of the Newgrange Spirals

I have decided to start gathering material for my archive on padlet.

Padlet link: https://padlet.com/claire5279411/spiralarchive


What types of material do you think will be in your archive?

Photographs, maps, fiction stories, timelines

Are you going to gather physical or digital items?

Digital but with some physical elements recorded digitally

Will the actual material gathered, and the way you present your archive be the same? For example, you might choose to gather fabric samples, but present them as a digital collection, or collect newspaper cuttings, but present them as/alongside creative writing.

Any physical items will be recorded digitally

Will your archive be solely factual, fictional, or a bit of both?

Both. I like the idea of extrapolating the factual into fictional stories too.

Will you acknowledge your own subjectivity as the creator of this archive?

Yes, as this period is so unknown, there is always going to be a degree of subjectivity.

Who will this archive be for? Is it to be used as a research site for others? Is it artwork? Is it for personal use?

I like the idea of it being a jumping point for other people’s research but also a chance to do some creative writing and exploring ideas personally.

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