Exercise 2: Create an Inventory

Coursework, Creative Arts 1.1 Experience Creative Arts, Creative Arts BA (Hons), Project 8: Creating and Archive

How will my archive be navigated by others?

I am going to create a documentary-type video about Newgrange. It will contain readings of creative writing pieces about the people who made it, maps, video montages, and still images set to music. I want it to be in the same style as the Spiral Jetty film that was made to accompany Robert Smithson’s creation.
People will watch the video to navigate it.

Materials in archive

Map of Ireland showing the locationDigital imageZooming in on the map to show where Newgrange is
Images of NewgrangeDigital collageVoiceover descriptions added
Stories of people who made the spiralsPiece of writingCreative writing piece – excerpts read out in the film
Video footage of people making the spiralsVideo clipsVideos will be sourced from modern stock footage but made to look like they are the people making the spirals
Video of myself making spiral artVideo clipsClips inserted of real spiral sketches
Myth readings and poemsPieces of writingExcerpts read out of myths associated with newgrange

In making a film, the narrative is chosen by me. I can decide the order people must view the final piece. They cannot wander around the archive and decide on their own journey. It is dictated to them. It will allow me to interweave fact and fiction in a convincing way.

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