Look back – Look now – Look forward to the Skills Hub

Coursework 1.2, Creative Arts 1.2 Creative Arts Skills, Creative Arts BA (Hons), Project 1: Identify, Locate and Plan

Completing 1.1 Experience Creative Arts was quite a battle at the end, due to time frames and my own procrastination. Yes, I had a lot going on in terms of family commitments, work, travel etc but I need to be more disciplined going forwards and carve out some time. I have noticed, it is a tendency I have where I love to start new things but when the going gets tough I fold a little under pressure and put things off. I think partly it is a fear of failure and wanting to be perfect, something I battled with in my learning log for 1.1, but I am determined to start 1.2 Creative Arts Skills on the correct footing again.

I have started to complete my Personal Framework Document. I cannot yet complete the sections on assessment as I am yet to apply, I will be going for the January window when it opens as I missed the Autumn session.

One thing on this course I am very excited about is the skills hub. I have struggled to narrow down my choices as so many of them appeal to me but I have currently selected:

  • Project 2 – Painting with Colour
  • Project 4 – Creating Characters
  • Project 6 – Typography and Layout

Painting has been a long-term interest of mine and I wish I had created more painted creative responses in 1.1, so I am looking forward to focusing on this in 1.2 for a while. However, another big interest is characters and storytelling, through painting, video and written work so I am looking forward to working on ‘Creating Characters’ too. Finally, I feel typography and layout are such fundamental skills that can be applied across a range of disciplines and so I feel rounding out project 6 with this will be hugely beneficial.

I think these three courses are across a wide range of disciplines and so I am intrigued as to how I bring them together in an interdisciplinary practice throughout the entire course. At the moment, I am very open-minded as to how this might happen and want to go with my creative flow and see what ends up being produced.

Research in Creative Practitioners

In order to start thinking more deeply about the skills hub choices, I have done some initial research into practitioners who use these skills in their work.

Painting with Colour

Made with Padlet

Creating Characters

Made with Padlet

Typography and Layout

Made with Padlet

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