Life Drawing

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This was my first attempt at drawing a life model in person, it is not something I have experienced before and it taught me a great deal.

Each pose was only held for 10-minutes and so I had to adapt to quickly observing and drawing what I saw rather than taking the time to make detailed observations. It allowed me to focus on quickly observing shapes, tone and positions without being too concerned about generating a refined drawing at the end.

I have a lot to work on!

One-Line Portrait

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Belatedly I am starting The January Challenge and using it as a chance to get drawing digitally again.

The first prompt was to complete a one-line self-portrait. Working continually in one line is challenging digitally as you want to keep clicking and changing settings. It made me focus on observing and not worrying too much about the final product. To enjoy the process.

I am pleased with the movement and fluidity, I would like to have gone back over some lines to create even more texture in places such as my hair and move my left eyebrow which is way too high!

You Only Had One Line

Created digitally using Adobe Photoshop standard hard pencil. Made using a mouse rather than a stylus for the extra challenge!

Apple Image Idea

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I came across this saying and it made me think about the exercise on apples.

It is important to live as if we are always on the eve of a great discovery and prepare to welcome it as completely, intimately and ardently as we can.

Unknown Author

The idea of discovery made me think of apples and knowledge but in a childlike way where everything is a chance to learn. We sometimes lose that as adults but this reminds me to get back into the playful mode.

I experimented with the colour, inspired by some of the scenes in Amelie where a green filter is applied to make the red of the apple stand out more.

The font is meant to look Biblical, emphasised with the capitalising of “Eve” to remind us of one of the symbols of knowledge in the Book of Genesis.

This was a quick mock-up just using Canva, but it is an idea I may develop further. At the moment it feels too “social media” as if it is something that people share for inspiration without truly reflecting on it.