Exercise 3: Painting the colours you see

Coursework 1.2, Creative Arts 1.2 Creative Arts Skills, Creative Arts BA (Hons), Project 2: Developing Creative Skills

Drawing in paint

As I reflect on my recent “Drawing with Paint” experience, I am struck by the sense of freedom and creativity that emerged from embracing limitations and spontaneity. By choosing to work with a limited colour palette and a tight time constraint, I discovered new possibilities in my artistic practice and found joy in the loose, expressive style that resulted.

  1. A Limited Palette: Ultramarine and Cad Yellow

The decision to work with only ultramarine and cad yellow was both challenging and liberating. Although I initially had reservations about the potential limitations of this palette, I soon discovered that the simplicity of the colours allowed me to focus on the interplay between them, resulting in a harmonious and visually interesting composition. The limited palette also pushed me to think more creatively about how to achieve a range of shades and effects with just two colours.

  1. A Race Against Time: The 5-Minute Challenge

By setting a strict 5-minute time limit for my “Drawing with Paint” exercise, I forced myself to work quickly and spontaneously, prioritising immediate visual impact over meticulous detail. This time constraint led to a more dynamic and energetic style, characterised by bold, expressive brushstrokes and a sense of movement. The challenge of working within this time frame also helped me to let go of perfectionism and focus on capturing the essence of the subject.

  1. A Loose, Expressive Style: Embracing Imperfection

The end result of my “Drawing with Paint” exercise was a loose, painterly representation of the subject. While the drawing may not have been perfect in terms of technical accuracy, I found myself drawn to the expressive quality of the piece. The loose, fluid brushstrokes and the interplay of colours created a sense of energy and vitality that I found both refreshing and invigorating. This experience reminded me of the value of embracing imperfection and trusting the creative process.

In conclusion, my “Drawing with Paint” exercise was a rewarding and eye-opening experience that pushed me to explore new artistic possibilities. By working with a limited palette, embracing time constraints, and celebrating the beauty of imperfection, I was able to create a piece that resonated with me on a deeper level. I look forward to applying these insights to future projects, continuing to push the boundaries of my creativity and artistic expression.

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