Trying to blend in organic shapes

Coursework 1.2, Creative Arts 1.2 Creative Arts Skills, Creative Arts BA (Hons), Project 2: Developing Creative Skills

In my recent exploration of blending organic shapes, I chose to work with the warm and energetic colours of orange and red. Using thick paint and multiple layers, I aimed to create a vibrant and dynamic composition rich in texture and depth. While I am pleased with several aspects of the final piece, there are areas where the blending could be improved, revealing the complexity of working with such bold and intense colours.

In my attempt to create a seamless blend between the organic shapes, I opted for a thick paint application, believing that the colours’ richness would enhance the piece’s energy. The overlapping areas blended as I layered the orange and red paint, creating a lively and vivid interplay between the hues. The layering process allowed me to adjust the intensity and texture of the colours, building up a sense of depth within the organic shapes.

Despite the undeniable energy and warmth of the composition, I encountered challenges in achieving a perfect blend. The brush strokes remained visible in some areas, and patches of colour appeared where the blending was less successful. While these imperfections might detract from the smoothness of the blend, they also contribute to the character and uniqueness of the piece. The brush strokes and patches of colour serve as a reminder of the hand that created the work, adding an element of authenticity to the overall composition.

The warm colours of orange and red brought a sense of energy and vitality to the organic shapes, creating an engaging and dynamic visual experience. Though the blending process presented challenges, the resulting artwork is a testament to the power of bold colours and the value of experimentation. Reflecting on this experience, I am reminded that the creative process is not always about achieving perfection but embracing and learning from imperfections. The energy of the warm colours and the lessons learned from blending organic shapes have enriched my artistic journey and inspired me to continue pushing the boundaries of my creative expression.

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