Getting to know your brushes

Coursework 1.2, Creative Arts 1.2 Creative Arts Skills, Creative Arts BA (Hons), Project 2: Developing Creative Skills

Experimenting with brushes

The first stage was to experiment with brushes I already owned.

Gold – round size 6; Blue – filbert; Orange – sword; Green – flat:

I enjoyed having time to experiment and make the different shapes with each brush section. Trying the edges, tips and long sides to see what variety of shapes and quality of lines I could create.

Landscapes from Memory

Applying without brushes

As part of my creative exploration in painting, I decided to challenge myself by working without traditional brushes. Instead, I used unconventional tools, including cotton buds, a credit card, a rag, and a straw. This experiment pushed me out of my comfort zone. It led to my discovering new techniques and a deeper appreciation for the textures and effects that can be achieved with alternative tools.

Initially, I was apprehensive about deviating from the familiar territory of brushes. However, as I began experimenting with the cotton buds, they allowed for a surprising level of precision and control, mainly when working on more minor details. Moreover, the soft, rounded tips of the cotton buds created a unique, stippled effect that added visual interest to my painting.

Using the credit card proved to be another fascinating experience. By scraping and dragging the edge of the card across the surface, I could create bold, dynamic lines and interesting textures. This technique added an unexpected layer of depth and movement to my work, and I found myself eagerly exploring the possibilities offered by this unconventional tool.

However, the most enjoyable aspect of this brushless experiment was using the rag to blend colours directly on the canvas. I discovered that the soft, pliable nature of the fabric allowed for a more organic and tactile blending process, resulting in beautifully smooth transitions between colours. Moreover, the rag’s textured surface introduced subtle variations in the paint application, lending richness and complexity to the finished piece.

Finally, the straw presented a unique opportunity to play with paint in a more fluid form. I manipulated and spread the colour in unpredictable, organic patterns by blowing through the straw. This technique added an element of spontaneity and excitement to the painting process, as I relinquished some control and allowed the paint to flow and interact freely.

In conclusion, my brushless painting experiment has been an eye-opening and rewarding experience. By embracing alternative tools and techniques, I have gained a newfound appreciation for the vast array of textures and effects that can be achieved in painting. This venture has expanded my creative repertoire and deepened my understanding of the limitless potential for artistic expression in the world of painting.

I look forward to incorporating these new techniques and tools into my future work and continuing to push the boundaries of my artistic practice.

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