Exercise 3: Plan the form of your archive

Coursework, Creative Arts 1.1 Experience Creative Arts, Creative Arts BA (Hons), Project 8: Creating and Archive

There are a few ideas I experimented with before settling on the idea of a film.


I did consider making an archival website that could be an ongoing project in which I would come back and add material to.

I started to draft out a layout:

However, I decided this would become too static and like a presentation of facts rather than allow me to be truly creative with how I presented the archive.

It is still something I might come back and do in addition to the film at some point.

With a website, people could follow their own journey and focus on the areas they are interested in, which might appeal to some people viewing.

User Guide

One idea I do like is to create a user guide to go alongside the film I am making. This might be in the form of a pdf or website to accompany it. This would allow me to add extra detail, not in the final film, full versions of the creative writing pieces and more images than I end up including.


As soon as I started making the website it felt like it wasn’t the right final idea for me. Since the start of this course I have been inspired by Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty and the film that went alongside it. I do want to focus on film over a website.

Newgrange is a very physical process and I like the idea of collating the information digitally.

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