Assignment 5: A Sense of Time and Place

Assignment 5 - A Sense of Time and Place, Assignments, Creative Arts 1.1 Experience Creative Arts, Creative Arts BA (Hons)


This assignment has been a real struggle for me. Not that I haven’t enjoyed it, but in time factors and it has dragged on for too long that I have lost my way with it. Therefore, I hope by submitting it in this state, I can return to it with fresh eyes later on.

I started with enthusiasm and really enjoyed brainstorming ideas of place and what the idea of place meant to me. I also really got into reading the different places in poetry extracts and how they each looked at the idea of place from a different lens. There have also been a lot of chances to reflect on my personal meaning of place and how perhaps with my transient life this has been quite difficult for me. I have moved around a lot, and I don’t have a place that feels like “home” and I think this is the basis of my procrastination with this assignment.

Despite this, I started some meaningful explorations of place but there are many here that I do want to return to in a short time. There are some I want to expand. I have started putting together a short film on the history of the working space over time and the research for this has been fascinating. I will return to finish this.

This short film will include music, video transitions and editing as well as showcasing examples from history about how the workplace has changed in relation to society. I know we move on to look at archives and I am hoping this will feed into this too.


I need to re-focus. I have spoken with my tutor about a plan moving forwards in terms of dates and submissions. I think I need to submit this, even though I know I have work to return to and complete and just move on.

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