Assignment 3 Feedback.

Assignment 3 - Understanding Interdisciplinarity, Assignments, Creative Arts 1.1 Experience Creative Arts, Creative Arts BA (Hons)

Due to a few delays, I am late receiving and responding to this feedback. However, I still feel like it is useful to pause before submitting assignment 4 to reflect on previous work.

I completed Project 3 over a month ago and recently had a video call with my tutor to discuss progress so far. There are lots of positives in the feedback, I do feel like my research and writing about what I have found is good but I do agree it would be good going forwards to include more personal reflections and how what I am researching will impact my work. I do need to trust my own instincts and opinions more.

A lot of our discussion and feedback was around creative work. I still don’t feel I am making enough time for my own creations and this is something I really do need to prioritise going forwards. I think I have started to do so in Project 4, with creative responses and I am trying to include more of my own work on here. I still have to work on the perfectionist streak I have where I want everything on this learning log/blog to be the finished product.

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