Ekphrastic Method and Time Idea

Coursework, Creative Arts 1.1 Experience Creative Arts, Creative Arts BA (Hons), Project 3: Understanding Interdisciplinarity

I have an idea that I would like to try to develop that links the ekphrastic method and time but also highlights the era of “fake news” and message twisting we are in.

The principle is that I start with a famous piece of visual art like a Van Gogh or something iconic like The Scream and write an ekphrastic poem based on it. I (or even possibly then pass it to someone else) then paint or create something based on the poem, then take that new piece of art and write another poem…..and so on in a chain.

I could even base it on The Spiral Jetty.

Like a more sophisticated game of “Chinese whispers”.

I’m interested in how the idea would change over time, an evolution of ideas. At what point would any resemblance of the original artwork be completely lost?

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