Kirstie Macleod – The Red Dress

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A 12-Year, Award-Winning, Global, Collaborative Embroidery Project by Kirstie Macleod

The idea of uniting people and women from all over the world.

Forst stitches were in 2009, since then it has travelled around the world.

OCASA event had the artist Kirstie Macleod talk about her work which I had the pleasure of attending recently.

British textile artist Kirstie Macleod began the Red Dress Project in 2009. Initially, exhibiting the dress as an installation, wearing it as she sat in a clear cube working on the embroidery. During the next 12 years the dress took on a life of its own, becoming a platform for women, particularly refugees, the impoverished and those living in war torn countries, to express their feelings and tell their stories. Embroiderers from across the world used stitches that reflected both their culture and country, making the dress an international and multi-cultural piece of textile art.

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