Assignment 2 Feedback

Assignment 2 - Encountering Time, Assignments, Creative Arts 1.1 Experience Creative Arts, Creative Arts BA (Hons), Research & Reflection

I received my assignment 2 feedback last week and thought it would be useful to reflect upon it.


  • My work is thorough and organised.
  • I demonstrate excellent research skills and critical reflection.
  • I am learning from a wide range of creative disciplines and broadening my knowledge and understanding.
  • I am expanding my critical and theoretical competencies.
  • Using a Venn diagram in a creative way to display research more visually.
  • My research observations are excellent in compiling historical, contextual and observational information.

Points to Improve/Consider

  • My analysis can be sometimes too broad in scope. Consider narrowing down to the specifics of what types of art etc.
  • Begin to establish a clearer idea of my creative direction.
  • Experiment with ideas and materials alongside contextual work.
  • Do more making and less written reflection.
  • Activate research in a way that draws connection to my creative ideas.
  • Look at Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate to compare to Aitken’s Mirror.
  • Write reflections for assignments using the learning outcomes for 1.1 Experience Creative Arts.
  • Include access dates in references.


Overall I am happy with the feedback I received here. I was aware that time was an issue for this assignment and I neglected some of the more creative responses to just get to the submission point. I am pleased that my tutor thinks that I have good research skills and that my referencing has improved. I do feel this is a real strength of mine. I do need to continue forwards trying to incorporate a more creative way of tackling each exercise and to include more images of my own sketches, ideas and creations.

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