Reading About Art

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Why do we read when we study?

I am hugely passionate about reading about subjects. Reading gives you an insight into the mind of other people in a very intimate way. It is the way we share ideas, collaborate, challenge our own ideas and knowledge, develop our understanding and find new ways of working.

Suggested Reading List

CA4ECA Reading List


  1. Make notes when reading
  2. Don’t feel you have to read the whole book
  3. Read journal abstracts
  4. Keep an annotated Bibliography

SQR3 method

  • Survey (Skim) – Look through the chapter to get a feel of what it is about. Skim the content to check prior understanding and look for what is useful and interesting.
  • Question – Examine the text in detail. Ask questions about what you are reading. Highlight sections.
  • Read – Go back through your highlights and read again carefully.
  • Recall – Outline the main points in your own words to check understanding.
  • Review – Read the text again to make notes on anything missed. Is there further reading you need to do?

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