An update

Sorry it has been a while since I posted on this site.

I have actually been busy setting up an online school ( and working on a business with my partner.

I have been progressing through the OBOD Bardic course, but as I worked through some of the early Gwersi there was the request in them to not share the information from them publicly. I realised then, that this blog would have to change somewhat.

I understand fully why they ask people to do this, it is so that each person who works through the Gwersi has the experience of doing so themselves without any prior influence. I get that. It is special to discover the course for yourself and I would encourage anyone to sign up to do it who is interested.

It has left me thinking what to do with this blog though. I have been working on a few other websites but I actually really liked what I had started to create here in terms of aesthetics and content. So, I am going to continue but will focus less on OBOD specifics and more on my own collection of thoughts.

I hope some of you stick with me.

Blessings for now.

Cairdeall xx

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