Sacred Groves

Roman scholars writing about the Druids made notes on the use of Sacred Groves and the importance of them to the early Druids.

In ancient times, they were a place of sanctuary and worship, natural temples. They were tranquil and comforting. Druids would use them as places to meditate, reflect and seek comfort.

Druids today are keeping this tradition by planting their own groves of five or more trees around the world.

It is my aim, once me and my partner are settled in a location to make our own grove using endangered native species.

There are around 9000 species of tree that are categorised as endangered in all countries around the world. There are some species like the Carpinus Putoensis which has only one remaining tree left in China.

By Siyuwj – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Even in the UK, there are 11 species that face extinction. I’m not sure yet if we will be in the UK long-term but if we do end up settling here I would love to do some conservation work of these species if possible.

As well as physical tree Sacred Groves, the training in the Order involves creating your own Inner Grove. Physical Groves are important to use as inspiration to reflect on in times of accessing your inner grove.

Trees are vital to life, they are the custodians of the land. We need them to breathe, feed us, offer shelter and give us energy and inspiration. It is our duty to protect them. We must restore the planting of them and our knowledge of them. I know this is something I must work on, I understand the Biology of trees, I teach Biology but I need to learn more about the species and even how to identify some of them.

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