Life Plans

The Gwers I am studying today starts off with this saying:

“Everything works out more perfectly than I plan it”.

OBOD Introductory Gwers Two

How much do we get to influence our own lives? Does planning make a difference or is life already set on a route for us?

This question has interested philosophers for centuries and it’s one that a lot of people still contemplate. Do we actually have any free will at all?

Taken on a purely materialistic manner on a physical level we are just particles that move in a random way. If on fundamental physical level we are random motion does that mean we are all just consequences of randomness?

I realise I am asking a lot of rhetorical questions here as they are questions I do not have concrete answers to.

My own personal belief is that we are part of a bigger force, life cycles that are controlled on a higher level, a Divine level. If we are to answer the free-will question we need to think on a different level and go beyond the scientific consideration of randomness and probability. Instinctively we feel like we have choice in life, there is no rational explanation to many other than it feels like we have a choice. I think it is vital to take note of these intuitions and consider them deeply.

Would be interested to hear what other people think.

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