Photo by Kris Schulze on Pexels.com

What do the Druids and Druidry mean to me?

Please note this is a piece of unedited free writing where I am making free-associations and daydreaming. It may not make sense to anyone else and it will probably be full of errors. I just wanted to share my thoughts with you as I start my studies. I will probably come back to this at another future time to see if my thoughts have changed.

Why the Druids is an interesting question to me. I have explored a lot of religions and consider myself a Christian in that I believe in and pray to God and Jesus. However, I see religion as a spectrum that all comes from the same source, the Divine God and that all religions offer a degree of truth. I enjoy looking for the universals, what is it that religions and faiths have in common, where are the truths in amongst all the human interpretation. My ancestry is Irish and British and so I have had an interest in ancient Irish-British and Celtic people and religion for while. I like to go back to the ancient times and see what people experienced before religion got too heavily influenced by politics and people.

It is this search for universal truth that draws me to the Druids and Druidry.

I also see how modernity has taken us away from the spiritual connections to the Earth and nature and would like to be part of encouraging people to get back into this way of thinking again. It is vital for future life that we do. Life is sacred to me. Nature is a representation in the physical of the Divine and we should respect and protect it. The Druids to me respect this nature in a practical way. They don’t just attend church one day a week and tick off that as their religion done for the week. They are active, pragmatic and seek to improve physical life. I am excited about learning more about the ancients and using their wisdom to apply it to modern day life.

I also have an interest in these ancient myths and fables, I want to read about what they have to teach us. What stories they have and how we can use these stories in a practical way too.

This is just the beginning of what I hope to be a life long journey of discovery.

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